Taron Egerton Wants Dwayne Johnson to Join Kingsman 3

Taron Egerton Dwayne Johonson Kingsman

Taron Egerton would love to see Dwyane Johnson join the cast of Kingsman 3. Matthew Vaughn followed up his successful X-Men prequel film, X-Men: First Class, by adapting Mark Millar’s comic book series Kingsman: The Secret Service onto the big screen in 2015. The film took audiences and critics by surprise, earning heaps of praise while also becoming a breakout hit at the worldwide box office. The Secret Service grossed over $414 million globally against an estimated production budget of $81 million, which was more than enough to convince the studio to commission another installment from Vaughn and screenwriter Jane Goldman.

The sequel, titled Kingsman: The Golden …

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