Marvel Promotes Their NYCC Coverage With ‘Cosplay In A Cab’

Marvel has released an add for their Marvel Live coverage for the New York Comic-Con starting on Thursday, October 5th. They’ve chosen, like many mainstream media outlets, to focus on the cosplay aspect of the convention with a video they call Cosplay in a Cab.  The video features an unnamed, nonspeaking woman dressed as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel and a stereotypical New York cabby. The cabby is a pretty good analog for the people convention goers have to deal with on a regular basis. The people who don’t know much about the comic industry, but like to chat, and ask questions they think are funny. It’s like when your uncle suddenly comes up with what he thinks is an awesome new superhero whose powers are the equivalent of bathroom humor.

Cosplay In A Cab

I wasn’t really sure what it was Marvel was trying to say with this commercial. I doubt their trying to sell the show as, “Come to the convention and be annoyed by the New Yorkers.” But props to getting an excellent Captain Marvel cosplayer.

The commercial ends with what could be the strangest line yet. A comment something only a comic fan would know… as the cosplayer leaves the cab in disgust, the cabby yells after her, “I always preferred the one with cancer.” Really? I can appreciate the Mar-Vell reference… but do you really want to end on a cancer joke? But hey… It’s Marvel, who am I to question?

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