Cable #150 Review

Cable is the first of Marvel’s ResurrXion titles to undergo a major status quo shift. Not only does the series revert to legacy numbering for this new arc, it features an entirely new creative team in the form of writer Ed Brisson and artist Jon Malin. With the new creators comes a more ensemble-based approach, as Cable begins assembling a new version of the New Mutants to help him solve an urgent murder mystery. There’s definitely more substance to the series than we saw in the first arc, but the decline in visual quality more than makes up for any storytelling improvements.

There’s a lot to like about Ed Brisson’s script in this opening chapter. Brisson gives the book a fast, peppy pace as Cable begins recruiting allies for his latest mission. Brisson doesn’t allow the script to get bogged down by exposition, focusing more on the character dynamics than the whys and hows of the plot. The eclectic cast pays homage to a number of different X-Men and X-Force eras, and Brisson captures their distinctive personalities well. Even at this early stage, there seems to be potential for an X-Force or New Mutants spinoff featuring this team.

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