GLOW: Season 1 Review

This is review for all 10 episodes of first season – debuting Friday, September 23rd on Netflix. This review will be non-spoilery, with a separate piece where I discuss the ending and other story specifics going up this weekend.

Netflix has whack-a-mole’d up some gold again with the addictive, digestible, and delightful GLOW – a moving and funny fictionalized account of the very real mid-80s all-female wrestling series, featuring a group of models, actresses, and other types of performers hitting the mat in an attempt to cash in on the Hulk Hogan-era wrestling boom.

Yes, as I mentioned back in the first impression piece I wrote up based on the GLOW pilot screening down at the ATX Television Festival, G.L.O.W. (as an acronym) is an actual thing that happened. And personally, I used to watch it. A lot.

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