The Defenders Final Trailer – Don’t Call Them A Team

The final trailer for The Defenders has arrived. In just five days, Marvel super-team will be unleashed on Netflix. For two years, the various heroes have been on their own journeys as they each discover how to best be a hero – whether they want to be or not. Each has tried to make New York City a better place, even as the events of The Avengers continue to affect the city. And now the time has come to bring them together (even though some of them are more enthusiastic than others).

When each of the Defenders was last seen, it was clear that their struggles were not yet over. Mourning the loss of Elektra, Matt Murdock revealed to Karen that he is Daredevil. Jessica Jones finally stopped Kilgrave and began to face success as a P.I. Luke Cage was arrested by Federal Marshals. And Danny Rand learned that the monastery …

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